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Hey Y'all! I am back and I've got some exciting news to share with ya!
Have you ever wanted to use milk paint but just couldn't find the right color? Well, I have the solution to your color hunting problems!
As many of you know I use our W&P milk paint on everything and I'm always playing around with the colors to create new ones. But, sometimes I am unable to achieve the color I was going for. Which brought me to this exciting discovery! Now I can create ANY color of milk paint that my little heart desires.. and so can YOU!!
Here's what you need to create ANY color of milk paint -
You will need Wildflowers & Pistols Milk Paint Base and any color of acrylic paint.
Let me start by explaining what milk paint base is. It's simply milk paint just with no pigment added. This stuff gives you the opportunity to really make any color you choose while still getting all of the awesome characteristics of milk paint!
As you can see in the picture above I decided to use a metallic aqua color. Now, after many different attempts I've found that the milk paint kind of cancels out the metallic-ness of any color (that's totally a word by the way). So, in the end the color ended up just being a fun aqua color instead of a metallic aqua color. I was still happy with the outcome nonetheless. :)
Here's how to mix it up -
First you will need to mix up your W&P milk paint base. This is the same as if you were mixing up normal milk paint. So, mix equal parts of milk paint base powder with warm water. I used about 3 tablespoons of milk paint base powder and 3 tablespoons of warm water to start with. Start by mixing smaller amounts or only as much as you think you will need. Milk paint does spoil - So, don't mix the whole package at one time!
The picture above shows you what the milk paint base looks like after you've mixed it with your warm water. Now, you're ready to add your acrylic paint!
Isn't this blue awesome!? So, to get the milk paint base this color all I did was add a couple of squirts of my metallic acrylic paint into the mixed milk paint base. Then I just stirred it up until it was all mixed together. And VIOLA!
It's time to get painting! :)
I decided that this little night stand was the perfect candidate and would look adorable in this bright, fun color!
Here is the table after the first coat of paint. It's a bit streaky so a second coat of paint is needed.
And after the second coat! Much better!
After my second coat of paint was dry I used 180 grit sand paper and sanded the entire piece. I was worried that by adding the acrylic paint to the milk paint that it would take away some of the milk paint characteristics like the chipping and 'self-distressing' but it doesn't!!
Isn't this totally adorable!? The color is SO fun! And I LOVE that I was still able to get the naturally aged look that milk paint provides while creating a bright, fun color!
I got these drawer pulls from Hobby Lobby and they match perfectly! I LOVE them!
And one more picture just for good measure ;)
I think this little table turned out so fun! It sold within minutes of listing it!
I will be adding Wildflowers & Pistols Milk Paint Base to our online shop very soon! So keep an eye out!
So, now if you can't find the right milk paint color you know how to create you very own and it's super simple! Just imagine all those acrylic paint colors... the options are endless!!
Let's paint something pretty! :)
April 15, 2015 by Heather Long


Sherry Lind

Sherry Lind said:

I love any shade of teal, aqua, robin’s egg whatever it’s called I love it. The little table was the cutest. I really enjoy painting furniture. Keep the pictures coming.

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