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I'm back with another SUPER easy and SUPER affordable DIY project! This time I'm going to show you how to turn Dollar Store foam pumpkins into cute little floral pumpkins! I've included a quick tutorial video. :)
I love finding new ways to add a little floral into my décor.. especially my holiday décor! 
Supplies Needed -
  • Foam Pumpkins from the Dollar Tree
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint Brush (for mod podge)
  • White Spray Paint ( I used Rustoleums Chalked spray paint in the color Linen)
  • Floral Napkins ( you can find the napkins I used in our online SHOP under 'Project Supplies')
  • Sand Paper (I used 220 grit)
Instructions -
  1. First, you will want to spray paint your foam pumpkin. You do this because whatever color the pumpkin is will be the color that shows through the napkin.
  2. Once you pumpkin is dry, it's time to apply the pretty floral napkins you've picked! In order to do this you will need to separate the layers of the napkin. Most napkins are 2-3 ply. Remove the layers without any print. This will leave you with the one layer that has the cute print on it.
  3. Next, fold your napkin into fourths and cut a small triangle out of the center corner. You could also do this step before step 2 if you'd like. :)
  4. Now, start brushing the mod podge onto your pumpkin. Start with the top and then place the napkin (with the hole going where the stem is) onto the pumpkin. Then cut your napkin along the 4 folding lines. You can now apply mod podge to the rest of the pumpkin. Press the napkin onto the pumpkin. Just do the best you can. There will be wrinkles and areas where it is overlapping itself. Don't worry about this! Just make sure that you've covered the entire pumpkin with the napkin. Let it dry.
  5. Once your pumpkin is completely dry, take your sand paper and begin to sand the entire pumpkin. Remove all excess napkin and sand the wrinkles. This will give it a bit of a distressed look and will hide any imperfections that it might have. 
  6. After you've sanded your pumpkin and are happy with how it looks then all you need to do is apply another coat of mod podge over your napkin. This will ensure the napkin is completely adhered to the pumpkin and will protect it from tearing. 
That's it! Sooo easy and so much fun! It adds a little extra character and whimsy to the normal fall décor. If you do this project be sure to share it with on our facebook page! :)


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