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Hey hey! I am so excited to share my daughters bedroom makeover with you! 
We moved to my husbands hometown almost a year ago and we moved into the old, family farmhouse. The farmhouse had sat vacant for about 3 years before we moved into it. So there have been plenty of projects that have needed done and plenty of updating. We are slowly making progress and turning this little house into OUR little farmhouse and that makes my heart happy! 
All of our projects and remodels are done with a very small budget because we are saving and planning to build a new house out here on the farm. But in the meantime, I am making sure that this little old farmhouse still reflects our style and that it feels like home. 
Annaleigh's bedroom was one of the first rooms that we redid. We actually painted it before we even moved in. The carpet and all her décor came shortly after we moved in. :) 
Here is what her room looked like before we moved in. 
Not so cute... It looked a bit rough and definitely didn't have the cozy, pretty feeling that I really wanted it to have for our daughter. Since we moved two and half hours away from all of her friends and the only house she knew I wanted to be sure that she loved her new room and that it was comfy and welcoming! 
Here is what it looked like with new paint on the walls!
The paint and carpet helped tons! In the picture above the carpet wasn't quite installed yet but it was close and I was getting excited! 
For the walls we painted them using BEHR paint in the color Cupcake Pink. For the back, main wall we decided to do something fun and unexpected! 
We added GLITTER to the paint!!!! 
We used Devine Color Gold Dust. I got it from Amazon! I poured 4 packets into the paint and stirred it in. (I did this AFTER we had already painted all of the other walls AND AFTER we had already painted 2 coats onto the back main wall.) It was just the right amount of glitter to give her wall a soft, dreamy shimmer!
It is much easier to see in person. Pictures do not do it justice! I love it, Annaleigh loves it and it looks beautiful all day long with the sun reflecting it's light on all of the little flecks of gold!
Here are my best attempts at getting pictures that captured the pretty shimmer.
It is so hard to get on camera!


Ok, now I'll finally show you the big reveal!! :D 


Yep, she has a old school t.v. that only plays VHS tapes! Ha! We picked it up for $5 at the thrift store! She loves watching all the Disney classics on there! :)

She LOVES unicorns! So we, of course, had to incorporate those into the design. ;)

The unicorn head came from Hobby Lobby and that cute unicorn lamp came from Target. The "I believe in Unicorns" banner came from Cracker Barrel (my mama got it for her). Also, she found that horseshoe out here on the farm. She decided to keep it because it is bent into the shape of a heart. :)

I made the curtains and I painted her desk. That desk was also used at our wedding to hold our guest book.

My Grandma made her bed quilt. She absolutely loves it! She helped pick out all of the fabric. Also, she is spoiled. ;)

She loves that she has her own mirror. The "Don't forget to be Awesome" sign came from Hobby Lobby in the clearance section. It was a $5 find! 

That teddy bear was given to her by her daddy when she was born. It sits wearing a tiara given to her by her aunt. The rose painting is a watercolor painting I did that she loved and asked if she could have. She's a little sweetie! (the framed drawing is a drawing of her when she was a baby that was done by my younger sister)

There is still one last wall that I haven't shown you. It's not quite finished yet. It's a pretty big statement wall and once it's finished you'll be the first to know! :D


But there ya have it! Her room went from not so cute at all to super cute, cozy and sparkly! Almost a year later and she still LOVES it! 








December 20, 2017 by Heather Long

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