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Halloween on the Farm
Hey, hey! So, it's been awhile since I've done a blog post... like, a long while.. but I'm back! And this time I'm showing y'all my Halloween decor! This was the first time that I have EVER decorated for Halloween and I had so much fun doing it! But the best part is that our girls absolutely LOVE it! 
I always told myself as a kid that I'd be one of those moms who makes the holidays magical ans so fun. Annnnnd I haven't done so well with that.. Christmas has always been my jam but I was definitely lacking in the Halloween department. So, this year I decided to just go for it! And the smiles and amazement on the girls' faces made it beyond worth it and I'm very confident that this has just become a new tradition! My oldest daughter (Annaleigh, 8) even helped me out! It was so much fun to get to do this with her!


And to make this all even better, I got most of these decorations from the Dollar Tree!! Didn't break the bank but didn't have to skimp on that 'wow' factor! 

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out those bats. I just used black cardstock and double sided poster tape to attach them to the wall. Super easy and super cheap! If you don't have a Silhouette machine, no worries! You could totally print out some bats and cut them! This would obviously be a little more time consuming, but would still get the job done! Because, in my opinion, those bats just make the entire display! I love them so much! 

Those skeleton hands are one of the few things that didn't come from the Dollar Tree. I found them at Target in the Halloween section and they were still pretty cheap! I think they were only about $3 each. 

That cool, vintage, white truck is something we carry in our online shop! It is so awesome and versatile! I keep it out year round and just change out the decor in the truck bed based on what season or holiday it is. So fun! This time I found some black flowers and that black tree at Hobby Lobby. Again, pretty cheap and ON SALE! That headstone, rats, spiders, skeleton hand cup and small skull are all from the Dollar Tree. The big skull is from Target. 

I went out to our tree row here on the farm and grabbed some dead branches. Put them in one of my old, galvanized buckets with some of that floral green foam to help them to stay in place. Then I just covered the green foam with some dark gray spooky cloth stuff I got from the Dollar Tree. Then I used some spider webs (also from Dollar Tree) and strung it through the branches. Lastly, I added the tarantulas to the branches. These also came from Dollar Tree and I attached them using the twist ties that they came with in the packaging. So easy and again.. CHEAP! 

But there you have it, my first ever farmhouse Halloween! I love that it's neutral, classic and yet still fun! And I also really love that it all was inexpensive! 




October 06, 2018 by Heather Long

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