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My Workshop on the Prairie
Ahhh!! Hey there! It has seriously been SO long since I've done a blog post or even posted on facebook. I'm definitely way overdue and I have so much I want to share with you! But, I'm going to start off by showing you my new workshop. :)
As many of you know, we moved almost 3 hours away from our previous home in the city and came to my husbands hometown to work on the family farm. I think the population is somewhere between 700-800. So, it's a nice, little, Kansas farm town. And I absolutely LOVE it! I'm still learning who everyone is, but they all already know
 who I am! Which could either be a good or bad thing.. ha!
We moved out to the old farmhouse which is about 20 miles away from town. It's so peaceful out here! You can see for miles and miles and it's just beautiful! I've lived in Kansas my whole life and there really isn't anything like a Kansas sunset but out of my 27 years I don't think I've ever seen as breathtaking ones as you see out here.


Being out here where it's quiet, surrounded by God's creations and where the prairie touches the morning sun... I have abundant inspiration! I am bursting with ideas! I have yet to be able to work on things for my business as we are still settling into this new life. But, once I am able, I will have MANY things to show and share with you!


Most of you also know that 6 MONTHS ago (that's still so crazy it's already been that long!) we had our baby girl, Kayleigh Mae. She is just the sweetest little thing but between updating the house, taking care of both of our girls and helping on the farm it just hasn't left much time for my business. But, it is never far from my mind!


Which leads me to some exciting news! At our previous home I worked out of our garage. Which worked really well but I had to share the space with my hubby. Which was fine. We split the garage down the middle and we each had a side.. but it was still a bit cramped. Here at the farm we have several buildings. Most are used to hold things for the farm and such BUT there is one building that is for me!


It is an old chicken coop! I wish I would have gotten pictures of how much junk, dust and old chicken poop there was that filled it. But, I forgot so you've been saved from the horror. ;) Ok, it wasn't THAT bad.. but it was pretty awful! Ha! The hubby and I spent an entire day cleaning it all out. We removed the old workbench, swept and vacuumed all of the dust and cobwebs away. There is actually another chicken coop just to the right of mine. It's much smaller and it was built and used by the first family who settled out here on this land. They used it as their house. It would definitely classify as a TINY home!
Oh! Just kidding! It looks like I do have a couple of pictures of the coop with all the junk removed but all the dirt and poo still in tact. Luck you! ;)

           Oh! Just kidding! It looks like I have a couple pictures of the chicken coop with all the junk removed but still has the dirt and poo ;) 

                     to the left from the doorway and to the right from the doorway


My hubby will be adding electrical and insulating it. I WILL HAVE AN AIRCONDITIONER!!! Here in Kansas it gets HOT. I'm talking like a million degrees in the shade kinda hot and after working several years in a hot garage with no AC I'm pretty much stoked! I'm also not exaggerating. It gets hot and I'm delicate. And I WILL HAVE AN AIRCONDITIONER! :D But, I'm just moderately excited about that..

I'm mostly excited about this being MY space. I will be painting it and making it a place that will reflect my style and that will inspire me. I have a few ideas for a feature wall for staging pictures. I haven't quite decided which idea I want to use but I'm excited to make it my own! It also has an AWESOME old screen door.. I love it! I plan to plant flowers.. maybe add and awning.. make a Wildflowers & Pistols sign.. So many ideas! It's going to be a cute little workshop once I'm done with it and I can't wait. It's just one of the small blessings that have come with us moving out here.

But, that's it for now! Soon we will be putting in the electrical and all that good stuff then I get to make it pretty! I'll be bring you with me during that whole process. :) I will also be sharing pictures of our farmhouse with you as well as before and after pictures of some of the rooms I've redone. Now that we're mostly all settled into this adventure I promise I will stay in touch much more frequently!

Also, thank you for sticking with me even while I was MIA for a bit!






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